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Today has been an incredible day!! A lot of the things that I've been planning and working on are all coming together and then......I got word that my new single "TELL ME" w/ Ashton Adams, Kyngs & Alex Price got mentioned in the holy grail of music publications, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE!

Noooo we're not in the Hot 100 (not yet at least ;) ) but an article was published today in the Dance section where they asked some prominent DJs what current club songs they're loving. The one & only Danny Diggz named "TELL ME" as one of his top songs right now stating that he's been "listening to this one nonstop!" What a G!

I learned a long time ago that celebrating every win, big or small, is important because each one is a step closer to the end goal. I consider this one a medium sized win because seeing my name anywhere in Billboard Magazine is some bucket list shit for real! UP UP UP!!!!

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