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LIVESTREAM Concert Nov 4

With the current state of the world, regular shows & concerts are pretty much non-existent. But to me, all that means is we have to get a bit more creative. I personally CAN'T STAND not being able to perform, especially with all this new music I've been putting out. SO...I decided to get together with some of my talented friends and collaborators to bring you a Virtual Concert Experience far beyond the regular DJ Sets you've seen me and so many others do on Twitch. This is something different!

WHO: 4KORNERS, Dom Vallie, Brad Sousa, 401 WST, Ashton Adams & 100Ms

WHAT: 4KORNERS & Friends Livesteam Concert

WHEN: WED NOV 4 starting at 6PM Eastern

WHY: Cuz it's gonna be FIIIIIRE fam! Pull up!!


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