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I went back to High School :)

I’ve done a lot of things all over this planet, but this one was really special! I recently had the opportunity to go back to my high school to speak to the entire student body and have some fun with with the kids through music.

First off, I hadn’t been back in YEARS (they built a whole new wing ). It brought back soooo many memories, including the fact that when I arrived in Grade 9 I had zero idea what I wanted to do with my life. But when I left there for University, I STILL HAD NO CLUE! However….during my time there I did a lot of growing & I built up the confidence to at least know within myself that I would figure it out thanks to the great, supportive staff, the friendships I made & everything I learned from being in band & playing team sports (Captain of the basketball team, 2-Time Athlete of the Year…nbd ) It was a blessing getting to kick it with the kids, drop some gems & give them a real life example of someone who literally came from where they’re from that found their way to happiness & success (which are one in the same imo). Thank you @stingray_music @kosiner_ @standard335 and everyone else who helped make it possible for this kid from Jane & Sheppard to come back to the ends in this way! I’ll definitely be back! PC: @ofthesaintproductions Directed by & First Cam: @ofthesaint_ Second cam: @trained2gofilms VFX: @okami_VFX

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