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Last summer while on tour across Europe I connected with my favourite international basketball culture platform, DUSE Magazine, in Brussels, Belgium. We set out to shoot a documentary based on my experience as the Toronto Raptors Official DJ during our historic 2019 Championship run. What came out was the story of that emotional rollercoaster and so much more. We just dropped it yesterday and the response so far has been incredible! I'm really proud of this and I hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it.

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YESSS!!!!! My group 401 WST is back with our 2nd single. We've been really excited to drop this one but with the revival of the Black Lives Matter movement we felt like we needed to focus on aligning ourselves with the cause so we took some time to get organized. But NOW we're back to celebrating the magic that is Blackness in one of the most important ways, with DANCE!

This one is made for the dance floor! It's bouncy, high energy and if this don't make you move, I don't know what will!


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Today has been an incredible day!! A lot of the things that I've been planning and working on are all coming together and then......I got word that my new single "TELL ME" w/ Ashton Adams, Kyngs & Alex Price got mentioned in the holy grail of music publications, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE!

Noooo we're not in the Hot 100 (not yet at least ;) ) but an article was published today in the Dance section where they asked some prominent DJs what current club songs they're loving. The one & only Danny Diggz named "TELL ME" as one of his top songs right now stating that he's been "listening to this one nonstop!" What a G!

I learned a long time ago that celebrating every win, big or small, is important because each one is a step closer to the end goal. I consider this one a medium sized win because seeing my name anywhere in Billboard Magazine is some bucket list shit for real! UP UP UP!!!!


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